Camp Site Regulations

  • On arrival campers must register with the camp manager or person in charge. They must state home address and show identification. Charges are to be paid in accordance with specified fees.  
  • Cancellations must be made in writing no later than 48 hours before arrival, if cancelled later 75% of the total price must be paid. If cancelled the same day or by not attending, 100% of the total price must be paid. If departure takes place earlier than agreed, full price must be paid for the remaining period.
  • Campers must observe instructions received and they are obliged to learn the regulations concerning fire, gas etc. 
  • Tents and camping-equipment should be of normal appropriate design and size (maximum 8 meters for caravan or motorhome). Fences, platforms or other personal installations than tents and caravans are prohibited without permission from site manager or owner. Digging must not take place. 
  • Dogs must be kept on leash and must be exercised outside the camp site and pick up all poop after it.  Due to risk of rabies, it is forbidden to bring animals into Norway. 
  • Consideration toward fellow campers, visitors and neighbours of camp site is essential. Driving of motor vehicles (max 15 km/hour) is allowed only between entrance and camper’s assigned tent space. Campers must maintain good order and cleanliness on the assigned tent space. Radio sets, TV and musical instruments are to be used with care and consideration, i.e. low volume during day- time and absolute silence from 23:00 to 07:00 hours. Any use of firearms is prohibited, also games and/or exercises that may involve danger or cause annoyance.  Tradesmen on camp sites must have written authorisation from the camp manager or owner. 
  • Waste may only be placed in the receptacles provided.  Washing of personal hygiene, clothes, dishwashing and rinsing is only allowed on spaces reserved for these purposes and never near drinking water sources. It is not allowed to wash the car on the camp site. 
  • It is not allowed to charge an electric car at the campsite.
  • It is not allowed to use heat lamps that go for electricity or heat the awning with equipment that goes for electricity. 
  • The camp manager or owner and/or employees of the camp site do not assume any responsibility for camper’s and visitors personal belongings. In the event of damage being caused on the camp site such damage must be compensated by the persons responsible. 
  • On departure the space occupied must be clean and tidy. Departure is at 12:00 hours
  • Official regulations of December 28th 1966 must be kept:
  • Guests in state of intoxication or of improper or noisy behaviour are to be expelled from the grounds, when necessary by the police.  This also applies to guests who omit using lavatory conveniences of the camp or otherwise pollute the grounds. 
  • Silence is expected between 23:00 and 07:00 The police may in special cases permit a postponement of closing hours beyond 23:00 for entertainment open to all guests. 

Follow these instructions and both you and other guests will have an equally pleasant stay.